CIR offers a number of quality investigative and screening services, all conducted by quality-based, well-trained personnel. Below is a list of links to our current offering of services:

  • Employment Screening
    Employment screening provides many benefits to both employers and employees. Thorough employment screening can reduce turnover and help create a safer workplace.

  • Investigative Services
    Carolina Investigative Research provides to companies with permissible purposes services such as county and statewide criminal searches, probation searches, tax liens and judgements, etc.

  • Process Service
    CIR conducts property searches throughout North and South Carolina. CIR has abstractors in every county of North and South Carolina who research and obtain the documents you require.

  • Tenant Screening
    CIR conducts tenant screening nationwide. A typical package includes criminal, credit and eviction search.

  • NCREC Applicant
    The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires information verification as well as a certain number of record checks. CIR performs these required checks and/or verifications.

  • Legal Library
    CIR has compiled an extensive library of relevant documents and publications concerning our investigative services.

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